Throal: The Dwarf Kingdom
An Earthdawn Sourcebook

  • Writers: Robin D. Laws
  • Number of Pages: 184
  • Year of Publication: 1996

Rating: ****+

I was a little disappointed when I found out that Throal: The Dwarf Kingdom wasn't going to be a boxed set like its predecessors, considering what an important part the Throalic Kingdom is in Barsaive. Having it as a single volume, however, makes much more sense. It's a lot easier to carry around for one thing, and you don't have silly bits floating around.

The book starts off with an Introduction to the book, before looking at daily life in Welcome to Throal. The History of Throal details Throal's history from its founding to its present day and includes lots of little details on legends and heroes that make up the history of this grand kingdom. Trade looks at the merchant heart of the city and The Halls of Power looks at the administrative heart. Threads of Unity looks at Throal's political affiliations with nearby cities and is good for those who like to spice up their campaigns with a little bit of plotting and scheming. Culture rounds off the look at the daily life and beliefs of the inhabitants before we get to the exciting stuff.

A Tour of the Kingdom looks at the layout of the kingdoms and details major parts of this underground city. This is probably the most important section of the book from a technical point of view as it contains the floor plans require to tightly execute adventures. Bartertown looks at the "hive of scum and villainy" that lies outside the kingdom and is a Mecca for thieves, cutthroats and murderers. A blemish in the eyes of the King, it is as much a part of Throal as Throal is. The Mountain Settlements details some of the outlying regions and Adventures and Campaigns in Throal looks at some adventure ideas. More are included in Throalic Adventures.

Artwork is excellent, including a superb set of colour plates.

Summary: An excellent sourcebook, essential for those wanting to make Throal a big part of their campaign. Details people, places and history essential for a good Throal campaign and helps a good Barsaive campaign.

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