The Ork Nation of Cara Fahd
An Earthdawn Sourcebook

  • Writers: Jennifer Brandes and Chris Hepler
  • Number of Pages: 128
  • Year of Publication: 1998

Rating: ***+

The Ork Nation of Cara Fadh is probably the last sourcebook FASA will ever publish. With their dropping of the Earthdawn line, it is now up to individual Games Masters to produce source material of their own. I'm glad to say that FASA never once published a sourcebook I was unhappy with. Sure, I liked some sourcebooks more than others but they were of all excellent quality. The Ork Nation of Cara Fadh is no exception.

This sourcebook was designed with the events of Prelude to War in mind. If you don't know what Cara Fadh is, it is the new ork nation built out of the ashes of the old one. Another player to add to the chess board that is Barsaive.

The sourcebook is divided into eight major sections that cover everything from the geography of the region to the people that inhabit the nation. It starts off with Seeds of a Nation, a collection of letters that Krathis Gron - the leader and founder of Cara Fadh - sent out to the orks of Barsaive to rally them to her cause. It's a nice idea and sets the tone for the rest of the book (as does the introduction by Krathis).

Surviving in Cara Fadh starts the real content, with a gentle introduction to the nation. It not only covers the geography of the region but the society of the orks that have taken up residence, including the politics, daily life and their outlook on life. The History of Cara Fadh looks at what is known about the ancient nation of Cara Fadh that the new one is founded on. The details are deliberately sketchy with more myth and folklore than hard facts. This is an excellent hook for adventurers (as suggested) to find out the missing lore.

On the Area of Claw Ridge looks at the capital of the nation in more detail, with details on outlying towns and major characters. This leads naturally into a look at the major tribes that make up the nation in Major Tribes and Settlements and lesser know tribes in On the Minor Important Tribes of Cara Fadh. They are all written by the tribes that are represented and are naturally coloured. They detail not only their beliefs, but also their lands, major members and way of life.

Of the People and Places Beyond the Tribes looks at the ujnort (non-orks) who live at the edge of or near Cara Fadh. It gives a good look at the political situation surrounding the nation. The sourcebook ends, as always, with the Game Information. With you'll find details on running adventures in the region, adventure frameworks, magical spells, magical items, talents and creatures native to the region.

The artwork is - as always - very good. It varies from pieces I really like to others that I find mediocre. It's really all a question of taste. If anything FASA seemed to put a little less artwork in but that means there must be more "meat" for you to digest. The lack of colour plates is a shame.

Summary: This is of much more use to those who are playing in a post-Prelude to War Barsaive. The information contained within of the fledling nation provides excellent background whether or not your players adventure in the region.

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