Mists of Betrayal
An Earthdawn Adventure

  • Writers: John J. Terra
  • Number of Pages: 101
  • Year of Publication: 1993

Rating: **

Mists of Betrayal was the first adventure released by FASA. It is also the only Earthdawn product that doesn't have the same "cover style" as the rest (not including the original rulebook). As such it was probably the first taste of Earthdawn that many players and Games Masters got. It was my second exposure to Earthdawn -- as a player rather than a Games Master -- and in some ways I am thankfully for the ill-fated ending. It's one tough adventure.

I realise that the designers were trying to give everyone a feel for their excellent world but I feel they went a little too far. The characters seem to be constantly challenged with fight after fight. You should understand that I like my adventures with a lot of political intrigue, and often will go many hours without a single fight. As an introductory adventure it works well in that it leads the characters through a linear plot.

The adventure as a whole is quite good. As I mentioned before, it does introduce the characters to Barsaive is a most satisfactory manner. The characters get to see Haven, Blood Wood as well as the wilds of Barsaive. In hindsight you can see where a lot of the ideas were going -- Haven spawned the Parlainth box set, and the Blood Wood encounter spawned the Blood Wood sourcebook. So most experienced Games Masters will have seen this material.

The adventure is divided into digestible encounters that make it easy for new Games Masters to cope with. There are details on how to draw characters back into the game as well as suggestions for adding some depth in the form of themes and images. The artwork is good and well used. The layout is intelligent and easy to follow. The lengthy descriptions get a little annoying but I get the feeling that it was designed for new Games Masters.

Summary: Mists of Betrayal is a good adventure but if you have been playing Earthdawn for a while I would give it a miss. FASA is going in a new direction with Earthdawn and this stuff is old hat. If you are new to the game, jump in. You'll find an excellent adventure which may have to be toned down for your party.

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