Shattered Pattern
An Earthdawn Adventure

  • Writers: Louis J. Prosperi
  • Number of Pages: 78
  • Year of Publication: 1994

Rating: ***

I'm not a big fan of published adventures, which is a little hypocritical of me considering I started The Wanderer's Rest to publish my own adventures. It's just because I think there is nothing quite like an adventure you have written yourself custom made for your players. It is just so difficult trying to write an adventure that can work with any group of characters. You can't use their history, traits, etc.

So in many ways I respect anyone who takes a crack at writing generic adventures. I didn't like Mists of Betrayal very much, but I think it had a lot to do with the fact it was FASA's first adventure for Earthdawn. Shattered Pattern is the second adventure I bought for Earthdawn but is the fifth in FASA's line. Overall it is a much better adventure, and a lot more flexible. Instead of a linear plot like Mists of Betrayal, this adventure is divided into three parts. Each part details a location that the characters can visit in any order. The plot is fairly simple, revolving around the characters trying to help an elf that can't remember who he is. The bulk of the adventure comes with the numerous threads woven into the plot: it involves horrors, dragons, cults and betrayal. What more could a Games Master ask for?

The only weak point is the art, which varies from good to bad. The first two pages also have black ink smears. Considering I got my copy for $9 (Australian) it wasn't a big deal.

Summary: A good adventure, with plenty of ideas for a Games Mastering looking for a hook. There is enough information in here to allow you to integrate it into any campaign even if you don't run it the same way as presented.

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