RolePaper (Issue 2)

  • Editor in Chief: Judith Hancock
  • Publisher/Art Director: Brian Wyant
  • Production Assistant: Bernie Anine
  • Publisher: Event Horizon Publications
  • Published: 1998
  • Pages: 32

Rating: **

This is the second issue of RolePaper and follows in the same vein as the first issue. They continue in the same format (comic book) which I still find quite unusual. The artwork is also "cartoon" style -- simple artowrk with little in the way of textures. You're either going to like it or not.

As with the first issue, there are five features and eleven (up two) regular offerings. The new "regular" offerings are Creature Cage which looks at new creatures and Mechniation which looks at battle robots (think Battletech). The features are Maximizing Steeds, Handling Henchen, Suberranean Perisls & Pitfalls, Missing the Target and Magic Paper. The last I could have done without (smacks a little too much of AD&D) but the rest were quite good. This all leads to be think that perhaps more fetures and fewer regular offerings would be better for the magazine in the long run. The fetures seem more fleshed out, with enough detail to sink your teetch into. The regular offerrings are just a little too "light" for my taste.

The big problem with the magazine is that it is generic -- this is a positive and a negative. A lot of Games Masters could come up with the material in the magazine without a lot of effort. Most of the material is common sense which is brought to light. So without any specific rules for bringing these concepts into their games what attraction are they going to have for Games Masters? The answer would be not a lot. For those starting off, this is probably a great eye opener into the breadth and depth of roelplaying. For those for experienced in the ways of roleplaying, there is little here to offer.

Summary: RolePaper is well worth taking a look at if you are starting off as a Games Master. If you are a verteran you might like to look elsewhere.

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