1492: Conquest of Paradise


Vangelis is best known for the theme he wrote for Chariots of Fire, even though he has done very little work in the soundtrack area, quantity wise. Quality wise, each work is a stunner: Chariots of Fire -- which won an Academy Award -- Blade Runner and 1492: Conquest of Paradise are all top of their field. 1492 is quite probably Vangelis' greatest work, and is definitely one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. 1492 is harder to classify than other soundtracks, mainly because of the exotic instruments Vangelis uses as well as the "soundscapes" produced. As he states in the linear notes, he was not looking to write a conventional score for the period.

1492 would be perfect for jungle adventures, or very heroic campaigns, on the simple basis that the movie for which the soundtrack was written falls within these categories. The opening sequences, as well as the ninth track, are perfect for most action orientated adventures, but the pipes and strange instruments are more suitable for exotic adventures.

Except for the last track, most are of a reasonable length that you could easily use the music as an accompaniment to a well-timed description or event. Be warned, however, that each track blends into the next so you may find the end or beginning to be quite abrupt. For the last track, because of its length, you will probably find it easier to used as a soft background to an exploration style scene.

Very highly recommended.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Opening (1:22) - prologue (leads into first track)
  2. Conquest Of Paradise (4:48) - main title or opening of adventure
  3. Monastery Of La Rabia (3:38) - mystique (sad and mysterious)
  4. City Of Isabel (2:16) - arrival in an exotic city or court
  5. Light And Shadow (3:46) - realisation
  6. Deliverance (3:28) - discovery or coming to danger and suspicion
  7. West Across The Shore (2:53) - of lost and found (sad)
  8. Eternity (1:59) - field mice ~ the flow of time laps against the shores of hopes, memories and dreams (never clear, ever present, slowly eroding) - beauty
  9. Hispanola (4:56) - steel your hearts for the journey of a life time (sea voyage)
  10. Moxica And The Horse (7:06) - into battle
  11. Twenty Eighth Parallel (5:14) - success and sadness for what we lost
  12. Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (Into Eternity) (13:20) - rescue and battle ~ mellowing out towards the end

Total Running Time: 54:51

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