Air Force One
Jerry Goldsmith


A very American movie with a very American soundtrack - rousing, patriotic and difficult not to root for the good guys. The music is very much military style, with a fair few action sequences and loud bangs and crashes. There are a few quiet moments interspersed in the whole half an hour (yes, once again Varèse Sarabande produces a very long soundtrack) but this is definitely for the action orientated.

Most of the tracks are of intermediate length, which suggest they could possibly be used for events and descriptions. Given the nature of the music, I would suggest that you would be better off to use the music as background music for fights, battles and any other place where pounding music is required. It certainly is well suited for any military campaigns, especially if Americans are involved.

That given, I would also suggest the soundtrack is not suitable for fantasy adventures, and would be better used in Science Fiction adventures. Especially those requiring a military feel.

Overall, a good score but short and loud.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. The Parachutes (5:24) - patriotic ~ quiet ~ fight
  2. The Motorcade (2:45) - pride
  3. Empty Rooms (3:53) - tension ~ attack
  4. The Hijacking (7:52) - fight
  5. No Security (3:08) - sad ~ pride
  6. Free Flight (4:55) - battle for glory
  7. Escape From Air Force One (5:30) - fight ~ hope ~ fight
  8. Welcome Aboard, Sir (2:11) - victory

Total Running Time: 35:40

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