Alien: Resurrection
John Frizzell


There is nothing quiet like an Alien movie to get the heart pounding, and Alien: Resurrection is (in this respect at least) not different from the movies it follows. Some big names have scored the music for these SciFi horror flicks: Goldsmith, Horner and Goldenthal. Frizzell joins this august company with the most visually stunning of all four Alien movies.

The score is everything you could hope it would be: dark, brooding and laced with tension. Great for science fiction adventures that need a bit of kick in them, even better for late night roleplaying sessions. There is a wide musical canvas to choose from: brooding, dark, mysterious, tense and heart pounding to name a few. There is the whole smattering of human emotion here.

My favourite track would have to be the opening titles, which typify the movie as a whole. All in all, a great science fiction score which is a must have for roleplaying.

Overall, a good score but short and loud.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Tile (2:08) - dark opening
  2. Post-Op (1:21) - something in the dark
  3. Docking the Betty (1:18) - arrival
  4. Priva son d'ogni conforto (5:28)
  5. Face Huggers (2:11) - danger
  6. Call Finds Ripley (3:02) - soft ~ resolution
  7. The Aliens Escape (4:13) - fight
  8. Ripley Meets Her Clones (2:21) - darkness
  9. What's Inside Purvis? (2:29) - danger
  10. They Swim . . . (6:28) - fight
  11. The Chapel (2:35) - escape
  12. The Abduction (3:33) - tension ~ revelation
  13. The Battle with the Newborn (6:03) - battle
  14. Ripley's Theme (2:14) - dark closing

Total Running Time: 45:30

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