James Horner

  • Original Score Composed, Conducted and Produced by: James Horner
  • Orchestrated by: Greg McRitchie
  • Performed by: The London Symphony Orchestra
  • Label: Varèse Sarabande
  • Release Date: 25th October 1988
  • Online Ordering Options: (N/A)


James Horner has turned out to be quite a prolific composer, with a number of his scores already having being reviewed: Braveheart, The Devil's Own, Legends of the Fall, The Name of the Rose, Patriot Games, The Rocketeer, The Spitfire Grill, Titanic, Willow. Aliens turns out to be one of his more inventive scores, with much of its beauty coming from those low, ominous strings. This is a great score for a dark adventure, and though it could be used in a fantasy setting, the military theme that runs through it suggests it would be better suited to science fiction adventures. Not a long score, with tracks of average length, it is can be used either as general background music or for specific events and descriptions. Well recommended.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title (5:07) - darkness ~ undercurrents
  2. Going After Newt (3:16) - danger
  3. Sub-Level 3 (6:33) - undercurrents ~ danger
  4. Ripley's Rescue (3:16) - rescue
  5. Atmosphere Station (3:13) - tension
  6. Futile Escape (8:25) - undercurrents ~ escape
  7. Dark Discovery (1:51) - undercurrents
  8. Bishop's Countdown (2:49) - danger
  9. Resolution and Hyperspace (6:27) - victory ~ undercurrent

Total Running Time: 41:01

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