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  • Original Score Composed by: Alan Williams
  • Label: Hybrid
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Not only are IMAX pictures visually stunning, they also seem to have their fair share of excellent scores. Cosmic Voyage and The Living Sea are two good examples. Amazon continues this tradition.

When I first saw Amazon at Omni I thought I was seeing an ad for the film using the score to Waterworld. Once the main titles came up I was reassured (I mean why advertise something you are about to see?). The score worked really well in the film, but is equally versatile outside as well. The main titles, for instance, would be a great introduction to any adventure in some deep, dark jungle.

As the movie looked at the Amazon River, there is a South American streak running through the score. This should not be considered a hindrance, as the score can be used in just about any jungle adventure. Some of the tracks are suitable in any circumstance.

The score should not be considered exclusively fantasy, as you might have characters running through the jungle in science fiction adventures as well. The short track lengths make them suitable as backdrops for descriptions or events, though you could use the entire score as background music.

Well worth a look.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Amazon (1:53) - chase
  2. Mamani (3:18) - arrival
  3. The Journey Begins (3:25) - journey
  4. Bolivian Village (1:44) - village
  5. The Rain/Searching For Herbs (3:09) - search
  6. Animal Montage (2:05) - exploring
  7. Underwater (1:40) - incidental
  8. The River (2:16) - sad
  9. Flight (1:46) - escape
  10. Faces From The Past (2:16) - bitter sweet
  11. The Zoe (3:00) - pride
  12. Mamani Arrives (3:49) - jingle
  13. The Dart Of Death (1:32) - challenge
  14. The Village (2:16) - happy
  15. Meeting At The Market (2:25) - endings
  16. Journey's End (2:22) - journey
  17. End Credits (2:07) - battle

Total Running Time: 41:12

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