Harry Gregson Williams and John Powell

  • Original Score Composed by: Harry Gregson Williams and John Powell
  • Label: Angel
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Antz was the first ant movie of the season but even though I preferred A Bug's Life, Antz tops its rival in one aspect -- its score. It is a much more interesting score than that to A Bug's Life and has some much more memorable themes. These include the colony theme (The Colony), General Mandible's theme (General Mandible), the wasp's theme (The Picnic Table), the dance music ("Guantanamera"/"6:15 Time To Dance") and even the marching music (Antz Go Marching To War).

It's still a quirky kind of score but I think the music is a lot easier to use. There are quite a few dramatic moments and -- given the length of each track -- would be useful as backing for descriptions and events (more than background music per se). It wouldn't want to place it in either a Science Fiction or Fantasy category, but I would tend toward the latter.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Opening Titles - Z's Theme (2:00) - arrival
  2. The Colony (1:57) - working
  3. General Mandible (2:22) - plotting
  4. Princess Bala (0:56) - sad
  5. The Bar (1:29) - dance
  6. "There Is A Better Place..." (1:20) - hope
  7. "Guantanamera"/"6:15 Time To Dance" (3:17) - dance
  8. Antz Go Marching To War (3:48)
  9. Weaver And Azteca Flirt (1:56) - happiness
  10. The Death Of Barbados (2:07) - sadness
  11. The Antz Marching Band (1:17) - celebration
  12. The Magnifying Glass (1:59) - chase
  13. Ant Revolution (1:50) - happy
  14. Mandible And Cutter Plot (2:07) - undercurrent
  15. The Picnic Table (2:45) - joy
  16. The Big Shoe (2:11) - challenge
  17. Romance In Insectopia (2:32) - happiness
  18. Back To The Colony (2:28) - magic ~ tension
  19. Z To The Rescue (7:46) - undercurrent ~ danger ~ fight
  20. Z's Alive (3:28) - happy ending

Total Running Time: 49:44

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