Hans Zimmer

  • Original Score Composed by: Hans Zimmer
  • Label: Milan
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Another one of the shorter scores, especially with the inclusion of two songs that aren't going to be much help in a roleplaying adventure. The music is of such quality, that the length of the score included isn't much of a put off. Quality, not quantity.

The score moves from a march-like beat, to a mellow longing for something long lost. After our quiet reflection, the music launches back into an assault on your eardrums. It is this broad range of moods and themes captured in the score that makes it so useful.

A lot of the music is action orientated (mainly the sixth and seventh track) and should be used accordingly. The rest is either a mixture of sadness and tension, or that strange 'marching' music.

A good score. Short and to the point.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Set Me In Motion (5:19) - song by Bruce Hornsby
  2. Fighting 17th (4:25) - honour ~ danger ~ sad
  3. Brothers (3:32) - mellow ~ mysterious
  4. The Arsonist's Waltz (1:58) - tension
  5. 335 (3:03) - sad
  6. Burn It All (5:16) - danger ~ fight/tension
  7. You Go, We Go (5:12) - sacrifice ~ tension
  8. Fahrenheit 451 (2:59) - marching/honour
  9. Some Me Your Firetruck (3:33) - honour
  10. The Show Goes On (7:32) - song by Bruce Hornsby

Total Running Time: 42:54

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