Michael Stearns

  • Original Score Composed: Michael Stearns
  • Label: Milan
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Baraka is an amazing film. A grand tour of the planet unaccompanied by any dialogue. Actually there is a dialogue, but it is in the form of an amazing score provided by Michael Stearns. You really should ignore any rantings I have about the movie, as you would be more concerned about the suitability of the music for roleplaying. There are a number of tracks that are superb for any roleplaying campaign to provide it with a sense of majesty and grandeur -- namely the first and last tracks. The rest of the score is a little more difficult to place as it has a world flavour to it.

There are a number of tracks on the score that are obviously sourced from a particular culture or place. This is because the music is supposed to match the images presented that you won't have. So if the characters are roleplaying in a similar region, then you have a background track that you can use to introduce them to the area. Otherwise you might be pushing it. With that in mind, however, it might just be possible to lower the volume a little and use the music just as background to their travels. I feel there is a universal quality to the music that you can easily exploit.

A great score to a great movie. Well recommended to add a bit of worldliness to your adventures.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. (4:45)
    • Mantra - mystery (discovery)
    • Organics - grandeur (sea)
  2. Wipala (5:07) - music from the Andes
  3. The Host of Seraphim (6:20) - sorrow/loss
  4. Village Dance (2:58) - village chant
  5. Wandering Saint (6:43) - journey
  6. African Journey (3:37) - Africa
  7. Rainbow Voice (3:00) - eerie
  8. Monk with Bell (2:37) - religious
  9. (4:42)
    • Broken Vows - chant
      A Prayer of Kala Rupa - beat
      An Daorach Bheag
  10. Finale (4:36) - brooding ~ grandeur
  11. End Credits (3:26) - discovery

Total Running Time: 58:12

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