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Danny Elfman, the composer of Batman Returns, Mission: Impossible, Sommersby, Edward Scissorhands and Black Beauty, wrote the score for the first two instalments of the Batman saga and truly captures the essence of the comic books.

This is another one of those soundtracks that falls into the 'easily recognisable' category but I still include here. The two main reasons it is here is because its so damn good and because very few people (I believe) are going to remember what Batman's theme sounds like. Too busy listening to Batman Forever where Goldenthal gets ditched as second best.

Personally I prefer the second movie, but the music is very much the same in both. Dark. Brooding. Good. Very good.

Most of the tracks are very short, and due to the sea-saw nature of the music, I would suggest that it is best utilised as backdrops for descriptions and events -- the ones you prepare in advance. Like when the characters are about to enter a room that has something . . . sorry, I shouldn't give that one away. Most of the music is either dark and brooding, or action orientated. So though it is applicable to both science fiction and fantasy, my suggestion is to use it for "dark" adventures.

On a dark night . . .

Track Listing and Notes

  1. The Batman Theme (2:38) - too recognisable
  2. Roof Fight (1:21) - fight
  3. First Confrontation (4:45) - hunt
  4. Kitchen, Surgery, Face-Off (3:09) - sad ~ clown music
  5. Flowers (1:51) - dread
  6. Clown Attack (1:45) - attack
  7. Batman to the Rescue (3:57) - fight
  8. Roasted Dude (1:01) - danger
  9. Photos/Beautiful Dreamer (2:30) - sad ~ spooky ~ sad
  10. Descent Into Mystery (1:32) - mystery
  11. The Bat Cave (2:34) - sorrow
  12. The Joker's Poem (0:58) - child-like
  13. Childhood Remembered (2:42) - remembrances of death
  14. Love Theme (1:29) - sad
  15. Charge of the Batmobile (1:43) - triumphant
  16. Attack of the Batwing (4:46) - fight
  17. Up the Cathedral (5:04) - fight
  18. Waltz to the Death (3:56) - dancing
  19. The Final Confrontation (3:49) - fight
  20. Finale (1:46) - ending
  21. Batman Theme Reprise (1:27) - as first track

Total Running Time: 54:55

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