Batman Returns
Danny Elfman


I mentioned in my review for Batman, that I preferred the second movie. After listening to the soundtrack I still do, but the music for the first film is far superior. Having to make the soundtrack to a sequel is never easy, and Elfman tried to do something different and that is where he fails.

There are pieces in Batman Returns where the good ol' Batman theme springs up, but not often enough. The rest of the music is strange, inconsistent but because of the wide range might find uses. I would hesitate to put it in either the fantasy or the science fiction basket, as the music is just a little too unusual to suggest either. The tracks lengths vary so you can use them for particular events, or just plain background music.

I'd stick to Batman.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Birth of a Penguin (2:27) - strange
  2. Birth of a Penguin (3:09)
  3. The Lair (0:57) - mystery
  4. The Lair (4:49) - tension
  5. Selina Transforms (1:11) - grating
  6. Selina Transforms (4:16) - danger
  7. The Cemetery (2:54) - magic
  8. Cat Suite (5:41) - danger
  9. Batman vs. The Circus (2:34) - grandeur ~ strange
  10. The Rise and Fall from Grace (1:41) - brooding
  11. The Rise and Fall from Grace (4:08) - challenge
  12. Sore Sports (2:15) - quiet
  13. The Rooftops (4:19) - evil
  14. Wild Ride (3:34) - chase
  15. The Children's Hour (1:47) - danger
  16. The Final Confrontation (5:12) - confrontation
  17. The Final Confrontation (4:54) - strange
  18. The Finale (2:40) - sad
  19. The Finale (2:19) - solitude
  20. End Credits (4:44)
  21. Face to Face (4:17)

Total Running Time: 69:58

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