Blade Runner

  • Original Score Composed by: Vangelis
  • Label: East West (Original Release) | East West (Expanded Release) | Congo Music (Bootleg)
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Vangelis is one great composer. He first came to my attention with his score to 1492: Conquest of Paradise -- it was the second soundtrack I every bought. Of course I had heard his music before, only I had never connected him to the score to Chariots of Fire. I later heard his music to Blade Runner when I borrowed the score on tape from a friend. My first impression was it was one very weird score. Now I can't think what it would be like not loving his scores. The only score of his I haven't got (to my knowledge) is Antarctica though I have heard some of it. His "regular" music is good as well, and some might be suitable as atmospheric music -- try looking for Voices or Oceanic in a store near you. Blade Runner also happens to be one of the three all time great science fiction movies (Star Wars is not included in the list) and one of the best examples of using lighting in a film.

The 1994 expanded release of the soundtrack contains much more music, and is much better value than the original release. Unfortunately it doesn't have those deep, bass-laden opening notes (which are available on the last track). Also, some of the tracks have been overlaid with dialogue, which is quite irritating. The rest of the music (all of the music for that matter) is simply great. The best kind of atmospheric, Cyberpunk music you can get. It is perfect as background music when the characters are slumming their way through a futuristic city, or alien infested space station. This music should only be used in a Science Fiction setting. Most of it is quite exotic, so be a little careful.

If you do want the complete score, the only way is to get the "Romanian" bootleg CD. This release does have those deep, bass-laden opening notes, and is in fact the complete score. There is no dialogue, however I found that I prefer the expanded release to listen to. It blends the various themes together, though the tracks are a little out of order. However, if you want to use Blade Runner in your adventures, the bootleg has all the music.

One of the best scores in my collection and great music to use in roleplaying. Some of the music may be recognisable to your players such as the End Titles and Love Theme. A must have CD.

Track Listing and Notes

Expanded Release

  1. Main Titles * (3:42)
  2. Blush Response * (5:46)
  3. Wait For Me (5:27) - city of the future
  4. Rachel's Song (4:46) - sadness
  5. Love Theme (4:57) - a dark, cold future
  6. One More Kiss, Dear (3:57) - song
  7. Blade Runner Blues (8:54) - sorrow
  8. Memories of Green (5:05) - mellow
  9. Tales of the Future (4:46) - clash of cultures
  10. Damask Rose (2:32) - reflections
  11. Blade Runner (End Titles) (4:39) - ending
  12. Tears In Rain * (3:00)

* contains dialogue from the movie

Total Running Time: 57:37

The "Romanian" Bootleg CD

  1. Ladd Company Logo (0:28) - prologue
    Tema de Semn‡tur‡ a Companiei Ladd
  2. Main Titles and Prologue (4:02) - opening ~ welcome to the future
    Titlurile si Prologurile Principale
  3. Los Angeles, November 2019 (1:50) - cityscape
    Los Angeles, Noiembrie, 2019
  4. Deckard Meets Rachael (1:33) - happy
    ëntrlnirea Lui Deckard Cu Rachel
  5. Bicycle Riders (2:14) - harp music?
  6. Memories Of Green (5:43) - sad
    Amintirile Verdelui
  7. Blade Runner Blues (10:22) - aching
    Tristetile Lui Blade Runner
  8. Deckards Dream (1:15) - loss and bitterness
    Visul Lui Deckard
  9. On The Trail Of Nexus (5:32) - hunting
    La Procesul Lui Nexus 6
  10. One More Kiss Dear (4:04)
    Inca Un Sarut, Drag‡
  11. Love Theme (5:01) - love
    Tema Iubirii
  12. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (3:39) - confrontation
    Fiul Multiubit Aduce Moartea
  13. Japanese Woman's Blimp Song (2:50) - chanting
  14. Dangerous Days (1:05) - danger
    Zile Periculoase
  15. Wounded Animals (11:02) - eerie
    Animale Ranite
  16. Tears In The Rain (2:45) - revelations
    Lacrimi In Ploaie
  17. End Titles (7:25) - closing
    Tutlurile De Sf”rsit

Total Running Time: 70:55

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