Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
Cliff Eidelman

  • Original Score Composed by: Cliff Eidelman
  • Label: Varèse Sarabande
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The only other score of Cliff Eidelman's that I have heard was that for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (though there are other scores of his I have probably heard, just not known about). It was on the strength of this score and on the recommendation of others that I bought the score to Christopher Columbus: The Discovery. Overall I was not disappointed; it is a good solid score. The tracks are fairly short (and Varèse Sarabande provides us with another short score) which makes them ideal for backdrops and descriptions. Most of the score is useable in just about any setting, though I tend to think of it more of a "fantasy" score (mainly for the subject matter than any other reason). Highlights include the use "Gloria" in the eleventh track, and the tribal music in the twelfth track.

Track Listing and Notes

    Act I * Spain

  1. The Great Sea (1:38) - opening
  2. Come O Come Emanuel (2:26) - hymn
  3. The Broken Cloud (3:41) - danger ~ musings
  4. Never Forget (2:01) - quiet
  5. Spain Defeats The Moors (3:11) - quiet
  6. Houses of Gold (1:10) - journey
  7. Act 2 * The Sea

  8. The Voyage (1:31) - pride
  9. Mutiny On The Bounty (3:19) - brooding
  10. Remembering Home (1:33) - reflections
  11. Saint Elmo's Fire (4:09) - sad ~ danger
  12. The Discovery (Gloria) (3:06) - discovery ~ hymn
  13. Act 3 * The West Indies

  14. The New World (3:23) - tribal
  15. Alvarao's Fatal Act (2:17) - tension
  16. Act 4 * The Sea

  17. Storm (1:03) - loss
  18. Act 4, Part II * Spain

  19. The Return (0:43) - homecoming
  20. A Hero's Welcome (Epilogue) (7:27) - resolutions

Total Running Time: 42:47

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