Come See the Paradise
Randy Edelman


Another one of those tiny scores, this time there is only eighteen minutes of instrumental music, a little over half the album's length. This coupled with the fact that the soundtrack is now out of print and difficult to get, would make it very off putting.

The second track makes it worth it, the other tracks by Edelman are just bonuses. The second track is probably familiar to almost everyone who has been to the movies, as it is the most often used trailer music used. It's used because it is a heart-pounding, action-orientated minute of music.

The rest of the score is exotic, with a strange feel useful for those unusual adventures. Most of it is bitter sweet, or sorrowful, but the first track is raw, simple and beautiful.

One of those gems that come along once in a while.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Love Theme from "Come See the Paradise" (4:44) - opening
  2. Fire In A Brooklyn Theatre (1:20) - fight/flee/chase
  3. Shikataganai (0:26) - contemplation
  4. Love Is The Sweetest Thing (3:13) by Ray Nooble
  5. Lily and Mini (0:48) - loss
  6. Flower That Blooms In The Rain (2:21) - by Fujio Ikeda and Takashi
  7. Kawamura Family Theme (2:49) - loss
  8. Jack and Lily (1:25) - sadness
  9. Nevertheless (1:48) by Bart Kalmar and Harry Ruby
  10. You Can't Spit At Heaven (0:49) - sadness
  11. Forget Me Not (3:27) by Yoshikatsu Hosoda and Hiroshi Mogami
  12. Little Tokyo (0:56) - something is about to happen ~ fight/flee/chase
  13. Terminal Island (0:39) - discovery
  14. Santa Anita (0:39) - mystery
  15. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (2:28) by Stept, Tobias and Brown
  16. Bad Days (0:30) - sadness
  17. Love Birds (2:20) by Harano and Masao Kume
  18. Nine Tiny Seconds (0:48) - hope
  19. A Little Bag Of Magic (2:07) - sadness

Total Running Time: 33:43

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Come See the Paradise © 1990 Twentieth Century Fox.