Conan the Barbarian
Basil Poledouris

  • Original Score Composed by: Basil Poledouris
  • Label: Unknown
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This is the perfect music for adventuring. From vivid combat music to a sad love theme and powerful evil guy themes, this music is always perfect! It's one of Poledouris's best soundtracks, along with Conan the Destroyer (the other perfect music for adventuring!). The choir and the huge orchestra paint vividly what an adventuring world should be like.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Anvil of Crom (2:34) - the main theme -- good for epic battles
  2. Riddle of Steel/Riders of doom (5:36) - calm, serene ~ another battle theme, the riders of doom
  3. Gift of Fury (3:50) - sad, but with an underlying desire for revenge
  4. Wheel of Pain (4:09) - good for working or long voyages
  5. Atlantean Sword (3:50) - very mysterious music -- good for temples or holy places
  6. Theology/Civilization (3:13) - calm, serene ~ light-hearted
  7. Wifeing - Theme of Love from "Conan the Barbarian" (2:10) - the sad love theme from this movie
  8. The Leaving/The Search (5:59) - sad, love theme again, but very melancholic~ purposeful travel
  9. Mountain of Power Procession (3:21) - a powerful theme for processions
  10. The Tree of Woe (3:31) - mysterious, despair ~ a little hope ~ death
  11. Recovery (2:11) - hope comes back, as Conan recovers from death
  12. The Kitchen/The Orgy (6:30) - travel into a strange kitchen, and a strange throne room
  13. Funeral Pyre (4:29) - very sad, includes love theme
  14. Battle of the Mounds (4:52) - light-hearted ~ battle theme, similar to riders of doom
  15. Death of Rexor (5:34) - desperate battle ~ revenge
  16. Orphans of Doom/The Awakening (5:31) - a little sad ~ new purpose, happy ending

Total Running Time: 67:44

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