Jerry Goldsmith


The composer behind Air Force One, First Knight, The Ghost and the Darkness and Medicine Man, brings us a solid action score with Congo. Though nowhere near his finest score, it is quite serviceable for roleplaying adventures. Because of the subject matter of the film, there are African and jungle themes woven into the score. As such, I would suggest it would only be suitable for such adventures, in either a science fiction or fantasy setting. The tracks lengths are very short, except for the last, and suggest best use can be gained with using them as the backdrop to events or descriptions. A good score, but a little on the short side. Recommended if you need "jungle" music.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Spirit of Africa (2:42) - African intro
  2. Bail Out (2:59) - danger
  3. No Customs (1:49) - happy
  4. Deep Jungle (2:34) - discovery
  5. Hippo Attack (2:27) - attack
  6. Crash Site (2:00) - mystery
  7. Gates of Zinj (4:03) - journey ~ danger
  8. Amy's Nightmare (2:12) - attack
  9. Kahega (2:19) - fight
  10. Amy's Farewell/Spirit of Africa (10:28) - success ~ African ending

Total Running Time: 33:37

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