Alan Silvestri


Alan Silvestri, most famous for his score to Forest Gump but pushed to one side because of 60s music, scored the best science fiction film since Blade Runner. It is difficult to describe the score, as it encompasses such a range of emotional turning points in the film. From the race to the confirmed radio single, to the death of the protagonist's father.

This diversity of emotion, as well as the simplicity of the music itself, makes it useful for both background music as well as connecting to events.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Awful Waste Of Space (1:42) - happy sad
  2. Ellie's Bogey (3:25) - race
  3. The Primer (6:20) - undercurrent
  4. Really Confused (1:18) - happy sad
  5. Test Run Bomber (4:27) - building into danger
  6. Heart Attack (1:31) - sad ~ loss
  7. Media Event (1:24) - eyes open
  8. Button Me Up (1:18) - happy sad
  9. Good To Go (5:10) - tension
  10. No Words (1:42) - wonder
  11. Small Moves (5:34) - happy sad ~ discovery
  12. I Believe Her (2:32) - bittersweet
  13. Contact - End Credits (7:58) - ending

Total Running Time: 44:28

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