Cosmic Voyage
David Michael Frank

  • Original Score Composed by: David Michael Frank
  • Release Date: Promotional Release
  • Online Ordering Options: (N/A)


The score that accompanies this grand IMAX film is simply beautiful. Frank has captured all the wonder and beauty that the film so brilliantly showed existed in the universe. There are often times when all the action scores in the world aren't going to help you, because you need a quite piece to highlight a person, place or event. This is that score, because it has a quite majesty all of its own.

The score itself is short, and the "bonus" track should be ignored as it would be difficult to use in roleplaying being so long. The rest of the pieces would be perfect to add to descriptions to enhance their delivery. There are no particularly long tracks, so I wouldn't suggest it for background music. It can be used with science fiction or fantasy.

A highly recommended score - both for roleplaying and for listening. Note, this is a promotional release, so you are going have to find a specialty soundtrack store if you want a copy.

Track Listing and Notes

    Cosmic Voyage

  1. Cosmic Voyage (4:50) - quiet
  2. Through a Drop of Water (2:31) - majestic
  3. Creation (3:30) - discovery
  4. Discovery (2:14) - wonder
  5. Mysteries of the Universe (2:04) - journey
  6. The Heavens Below (1:36) - magic
  7. Rebirth (1:14) - into the deep
  8. Little Green Algae (3:46) - arrival
  9. Into the Cosmos (0:53) - majesty
  10. Beyond the Stars (1:51) - magic
  11. 42 Rings (0:54) - discord
  12. A Never-Ending Journey (2:43) - majestic
  13. Boeing 777

  14. Working Together/The Rollout (10:01) - grand ~ quiet ~ journey ~ quiet ~ journey ~ happy

Total Running Time: 38:12

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Cosmic Voyage © David Michael Frank.