Crimson Tide
Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer often mistreated score is often used for movie trailers, and is the piece contained in the first track. Though not as abused as Edelman's score for Come See the Paradise, the music was used to introduce us to that awful piece of science fiction, Independence Day. Now withstanding this dishonour, Hans Zimmer's score is excellent, and is well suited to science fiction campaigns.

The length of each track (as well as the constant shift in moods) makes it difficult to attach tracks to events or encounters in adventures. Its main use would be to have it played softly in the background. If played too loud, the mood shifts would distract the players (making them constantly pull out their laser rifles).

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Mutiny (8:58) - eerie opening builds into crescendo mellowing into soft guitar piece ~ main title ~ softens out
  2. Alabama (23:50) - leave takings ~ darkness stalks in the night ~ choral voices ~ mellows into hunt ~ oscillates between quiet patches and heart thumping patches
  3. Little Ducks (2:03) - heart stirring hymn
  4. 1SQ (18:03) - hunter and prey ~ main title
  5. Roll Tide (7:33) - mellow ~ main title ~ choral

Total Running Time: 60:29

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