Dances with Wolves
John Barry


Dances with Wolves is a strong, but rather plain score. It is its plainness which makes it the most suitable to be used as incidental music in roleplaying adventures. Though there are a few strong themes that run through the score, most of the score speaks of sweeping plains and majestic countryside.

All bar the last track are fairly short which make them perfect for using as a background to set passages, especially when describing the surrounding area. The best track is the eighth.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title - Looks Like a Suicide (3:59) - main title (honour)
  2. The John Dunbar Theme (2:16) - plains of grandeur
  3. Journey to Fort Sedgewick (3:25) - loss ~ journey
  4. Ride to Fort Hays (2:00) - journey of discovery
  5. The Death of Timmons (2:25) - tension or danger
  6. Two Socks - The Wolf Theme (1:30) - happiness
  7. Pawnee Attack (3:49) - face off
  8. Kicking Bird's Gift (2:10) - happiness laced with sadness
  9. Journey to the Buffalo Killing Ground (3:43) - majestic plains ~ death lies all around
  10. The Buffalo Hunt (2:42) - a journey with friends
  11. Stands with a Fist Remembers (2:08) - remembrances of nightmare
  12. The Love Theme (3:46) - heart felt
  13. The John Dunbar Theme (2:04) - laments
  14. Two Socks at Play (1:59) - golden days in the sun
  15. The Death of Cisco (2:14) - death of a loved one
  16. Rescue of Dances With Wolves (2:09) - more majestic plains
  17. The Loss of the Journal and the Return to Winter Camp (2:09) - sad
  18. Farewell and End Title (8:46) - end title (mixture of previous tracks)

Total Running Time: 53:23

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