Dante's Peak
John Frizzel and James Newton Howard


Varèse Sarabande seems to have an aversion to releasing soundtracks longer than forty-five minutes, and most of them are between half an hour and forty-five minutes. This soundtrack is just over half an hour, and I don't know whether this was because that was the amount of music in the movie or Varèse Sarabande decided only to release a portion of the score.

Gripes aside, the quality of music is very good, especially James Newton Howard's theme which Frizzel uses so well. Most of the score seems to have the theme brooding darkly under the surface, until it bursts forth in certain sections as something happens. This makes it excellent for building tension and anxiety in the adventure, as well as a sense of something is about to happen.

Most of the tracks are short, so it is possible to attach them to descriptions and passages, though timing is always going to be a problem.

Overall, an excellent score which will have universal applications.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title (5:30) - eerie main titles ~ danger
  2. The Close Call(1:42) - danger
  3. Trapped in the Crater (5:03) - brooding ~ attack
  4. On the Porch (2:31) - happy sad
  5. The Evacuation Begins (4:11) - more danger ~ subtle tension
  6. The Helicopter Crash (1:27) - tension
  7. Escaping the Burning House (2:32) - attack/escape ~ mellow
  8. Sinking on Acid Lake (2:37) - danger
  9. Stuck in the Lava (1:44) - danger
  10. The Rescue (3:05) - happy ending

Total Running Time: 30:25

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