Randy Edelman


A much better score than I would have given it credit for, considering it comes from a disaster of a diaster movie. Very much action orientated, but there are a lot of quiet and reflective moments smattered in here and there.

The richness of the music makes it a consideration, as well as the short times and the reasonable length of the soundtrack. Ignoring the two songs at the end -- as one should -- the CD is quite short. This isn't the best soundtrack in the world, but if you need some dramatic, action packed music, this is the stuff for you. Be warned, however, that the soundtrack contains quite a few reflective pieces.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Daylight (3:33) - chase
  2. Laura's Theme (3:06) - quiet
  3. Searching for a Miracle (1:57) - danger
  4. Survival (2:30) - quiet
  5. Kit's Plan (3:29) - tension
  6. A Community is Formed (2:46) - fight
  7. Leaving George (3:12) - sad
  8. Rats (1:54) - danger
  9. The Tunnel Claims its Own (2:13) - revelation
  10. Power! (2:30) - sad ~ danger
  11. A Short Swim Under Water (2:10) - resolution
  12. The Sandhog's Channel (2:16) - danger
  13. Light at the End (5:27) - sad
  14. Madelyne's Fate (3:27) - danger
  15. Whenever There Is Love (from "Daylight") (4:34)
  16. Don't Go Out With Your Friends Tonite (2:53)

Total Running Time: 48:04

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