The Devil's Own
James Horner

  • Original Score Composed by: James Horner
  • Label: Tommy Boy Music
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This has a definite Irish streak to it that may or may not be a hindrance. It is also quieter and less action orientated for what was supposed to be an action film (sort of). Though the film was awful, the music isn't bad. It isn't up to Horner's usual standards, he seemed to be ripping himself off less often than usual, but he hasn't come to terms with using a synthesiser.

Most of the tracks are short, making them better for descriptions and events rather than background music. Because of the Irish streak, I would suggest that the score would find more use in fantasy settings. Track nine is my personal favourite, and the rest is fairly nice.

Not bad, but not good either.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title (4:35) - Drums ~ singing ~ drums and pipe
  2. God Be With You (3:34)
  3. Ambush (2:30) - danger
  4. The Irish Republican Navy (1:20) - happy sad
  5. The New World (4:32) - arrival into danger ~ softer ~ sadder
  6. Launching the Boat (3:03) - Irish jig
  7. Secrets Untold (5:02) - misgivings
  8. The Pool Hall (2:38) - hoe down
  9. Rory's Arrest/Diaz Killed (4:15) - something brewing
  10. Quiet Goodbyes (1:01) - quiet
  11. Rooftop Escape (1:45) - escape
  12. The Mortal Blow (5:11) - leave taking
  13. Going Home (7:11) - sad

Total Running Time: 46:42

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