Randy Edelman


Randy Edelman -- composer for Come See the Paradise and co-composer for The Last of the Mohicans -- comes up with another good score. Generally the score is light-hearted, more comical than fantastic, though it does have a few gems. The second track is absolutely beautiful and highlights one of the best segments in the movie.

Good tracks for action-orientated segments include the forth and the eleventh. The rest are more banal. This is definitely a fantasy soundtrack, not only because of the content of the movie but the style of music. Good for descriptions and events, and less so for background music.

A beautiful score, but there are better selections for roleplaying.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. The World of the Heart - Main Title (3:19) - opening
  2. To The Stars (3:14) - loss
  3. Wonders of an Ancient Glory (2:22) - honour
  4. Einon (3:53) - fight
  5. The Last Dragon Slayer (4:01) - comical ~ challenge
  6. Bowen's Ride (2:35) - danger ~ chase
  7. Mexican Standoff (2:21) - comical
  8. Draco (1:15) - honour
  9. A Refreshing Swim (1:26) - comical
  10. Re-Baptism (2:48) - passage into fire
  11. Bowen's Decoy (3:23) - challenge ~ attack ~ sad
  12. Kyle, The Wheat Boy (4:25) - honour and blood
  13. The Connection (2:26) - darkness
  14. Flight to Avalon (2:55) - flight
  15. Finale (5:30) - of battles, loss and endings

Total Running Time: 45:58

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