• Original Score Composed by: Toto
  • Label: PEG
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I always get a little sceptical when a rock band or contemporary artist is chosen to score a film, but it worked in The Princess Bride and Ladyhawke. In Dune (what can only be called a classic science fiction film) the music works surprisingly well, and comes up with quite a few memorable tunes.

The score is, however, very much in the fashion of guitar, drums and such like -- Toto is a rock band -- so the material should only be considered for science fiction. They are short enough that they can be used for descriptions, or just play the album as an atmospheric suite.

Be warned, the main title is recognisable, more for the game of the same name than anything else.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Prologue (1:47)
  2. Main Tile (1:14) - main title
  3. Robot Theme (1:20) - robotic
  4. Leto's Theme (1:46) - sad
  5. The Box (2:38) - tension
  6. The Floating Fat Man (The Baron) (1:26)
  7. Trip to Arrakis (2:37) - holy
  8. First Attack (2:49) - fight
  9. Prophecy Theme (4:26) - mystical
  10. Dune (Desert Theme) (5:33) - life
  11. Paul Meets Chani (3:06) - realisation
  12. Prelude (Take My Hand) (1:02) - sad
  13. Paul Takes the Water of Life (2:52) - mystical
  14. Big Battle (3:08) - fight
  15. Paul Kills Feyd (1:52) - danger
  16. Final Dream (1:26) - sad
  17. Take My Hand (2:38) - victory

Total Running Time: 41:49

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