The Emerald Forest
Junior Homrich and Brian Gascoigne


"Ethnic" scores are also good when you are setting an adventure in a region that has a similar culture. For example, if you were setting an adventure in a jungle you would use "jungle" music such as on The Emerald Forest. I would be careful with this score, because it is a strange blend of "synth" and percussion. While straight percussion would make it very suitable for jungle music, the "synth" makes it a little strange. Try and listen to the score first before making your own decision.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title/Tomme Goes Missing/Tomme and Kachiri (4:08) - mystical ~ beat of the drums ~ undercurrent
  2. Tomme Searches for his Ghost Father/Bill Searches for Tomme (2:27) - mystical ~ undercurrent
  3. The Burning of the Shabona/Wanadi's Death/The Moth at the Window (3:36) - drum beat
  4. The Initiation Ceremony/The Trance Dance (4:08) - tribal
  5. The Jaguar Theme (0:59) - chase
  6. The Rainstorm (2:10) - mystical
  7. The Burning of the Dead (3:02) - pipes
  8. Inside the Dam/The Waterfall/The Burning Forest (3:16) - wind ~ in the forest ~ chase
  9. Volupia (2:49) - city
  10. River Paradise (1:37) - mystical
  11. End Titles - Eagle Break (3:15) - funky

Total Running Time: 31:32

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The Emerald Forest © 1985 Embassy Film Associates