Empire of the Sun
John Williams

  • Original Score Composed by: John Williams
  • Label: Warner Brothers
  • Release Date: 2nd December 1987
  • Online Ordering Options: Amazon.com


Empire of the Sun is one of Williams' lesser known scores but is up there with the best. In fact, out of all of Stephen Spielburg's films, Empire of the Sun would have to be my favourite.

It is a nice orchestral score with lots of smaller tracks making it easier to attach to descriptions and events. My favourite tracks would have to be the seventh and the last, as they contain that wonderful "Exsultate Justi" chorus.

Overall, a good score which can be used in various adventures and campaigns.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Suo Gan (2:22) - song of hope
  2. Cadillac Of The Skies (3:49) - astonishment
  3. Jim's New Life (2:34) - happy
  4. Lost In The Crowd (5:41) - danger
  5. Imaginary Air Battle (2:37) - magic
  6. The Return To The City (7:46) - strangeness
  7. Liberation: Exsultate Justi (1:50) - joy
  8. The British Grenadiers (2:26) - march music
  9. Toy Planes, Home And Hearth (4:38) - hope
  10. The Streets of Shanghai (5:12) - confrontation
  11. The Pheasant Hunt (4:25) - anger
  12. No Road Home/Seeing The Bomb (6:12) - hope
  13. Exsultate Justi (4:59) - joy

Total Running Time: 54:34

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