First Knight
Jerry Goldsmith


Not Goldsmith's best score by a long shot, but the music is still very serviceable. The fanfare is terrific if you have some sort of announcement or speech the characters have to listen to, as it will easily capture their attention. The rest of the music is nice, but is in no way remarkable.

A few of the tracks could be used in conjunction with events (such as the fourth track for a hunt or the ninth for a major battle). Unfortunately there isn't a lot of music to work with on the CD, so imagination is required.

This is a fantasy only score (for obvious reasons) and would work best with descriptions and events (examples have been given above). I can not recommend the score because of its length.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Arthur's Fanfare - (0:45) - announcement
  2. Promise Me (4:05) - honour ~ longing
  3. Camelot (2:20) - mystical ~ pride
  4. Raid On Leonesse (4:28) - hunt or raid
  5. A New Life (4:55) - sadness ~ happy marching music
  6. To Leonesse (3:27) - fight
  7. Night Battle (5:40) - ride into battle
  8. Village Ruins (3:21) - there is nothing left
  9. Arthur's Farewell (5:26) - major battle
  10. Camelot (5:41) - endings

Total Running Time: 40:11

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