Final Comments

To end with I'd like to make a few brief comments about various pieces of music which don't quite fall into the category of soundtrack but would make the perfect accompaniment to any adventure.

Ottmar Liebert -- a guitarist -- has a written a number of pieces which could be used to evoke an exotic atmosphere. From The Hours Between Night and Day: market place, warriors sweeping past or sad journeys (6); prologue, townscape or minstrel (12); strange and exotic (16); and lament (18). Alternatively there is the first disc of Opium: pleasant journey through the hills (3); and fight (7).

I also find that Celtic music works quite well. The Celts is one of Enya's less well know works and is great for generating atmosphere in roleplaying campaigns. As the name suggests, this is most suited for magical and mystical campaigns, with haunting voices, and sorrowful tunes: high adventure (1); magic (2); end title (3); sad (4, 5, 7, 11, 14, 15); Scottish (6); happy/sad (8); Elven music (9); the holy church (10); adventure or glory (12); and danger (13). Watermark has 'Cursum Perificio' as a monk theme and 'Watermark' for a sad occasion. Shepherd's Moon has: hope (1); excitement (2); opening title (4); haunting (5, 8, 9); sad (6); last stand (7); and beginning (11). The third track of The Memory of Trees is also great as an opening title. Lord of the Dance is a very thematic collection of music from the dance spectacular of the same name. Though most of the tracks are jigs only suitable for dancing to, a number of tracks lend themselves to building atmosphere. 'Warriors', 'Spirit in the New World', 'Lament', 'Nightmare' and 'Victory' are recommended. The first track from Lore by Clannad is a great opening title, and the eleventh track of Celtic Legacy is a great tune for a sad occasion.

New age music can also be used if chosen carefully such as Seashore Sunrise, Rainforest Magic, Bushland Dreaming and Pan Flutes by The Ocean: celebration (1); love song (2, 5); hope (3); sad (4, 6, 7); new dawn (8); and haunting (9). Tubular Bells II is also a must.

Classical music is always a treat. I found the World of Classics to have a number of useful tracks: sad/ball (6); ball/celebration (13); ride to adventure (14); sad (15); and danger (16).

Finally, the first Doctor Who CD has a number of non-Doctor Who themes that could be useful. 'Nyssa's Theme' as Elven music, 'Kassia's Wedding' for a celebration and 'Leisure Hive' as marching music.

My finally word is to suggest that you look around and find something that works for you. Remember that the impact of the music depends on the character's familiarity with it and whether it is going to distract them. Anything goes as long as you are happy with it.

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