Shakespeare in Love
Stephen Warbeck

  • Original Score Composed by: Ry Cooder
  • Label: Columbia
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This is the only soundtrack I have of Cooder's and I must say that it is superb. It captures a feeling of the other, and exoticness that just can't be explained. Though the army music is noticeably American (suitable for wild west adventures) the other segments of music are excellent for creating an atmosphere of mystery and strangeness.

The use of throat singers and a range of American Indian instruments create pieces which emphasis the spiritual nature of the American Indians, and are perfect for creating such a feeling in your own adventures. This is probably going to be a fantasy only soundtrack, especially if you have Native Americans in your campaign. There is a large mix of track lengths so some music would be suitable as background music while others would be better as description backdrops.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Geronimo: Main Title (5:07) - harmony of the world ~ march
  2. Restoration (6:19) - celebration ~ arrival
  3. Goyakla Is Coming (1:11) - the other
  4. Bound For Canaan (The 6th Cavalry) (1:37) - march
  5. Cibecue (2:02) - stalked
  6. The Governor's Ball : Get Off The Rack/Danza/Battle Cry Of Freedom (9:43) - ball music ~ a little recognisable
  7. Wayfaring Stranger (3:08) - lament
  8. Judgement Day (2:11) - things in the past
  9. Bound for Canaan (Sieber & Davis) (1:30) - journey
  10. Embudos (1:55) - something is amiss
  11. Sand Fight - (1:13) - strange echoes in the wind
  12. Army Brass Band : The Young Recruit/The Girl I Left Behind Me/Come Away (2:57) - army music
  13. Yaqui Village (3:17) - hunting
  14. I Have Seen My Power (2:15) - danger
  15. La Visita (3:10) - nice guitar music
  16. Davis (2:52) - loss
  17. Train To Florida (9:27) - the mysteries of life

Total Running Time: 60:03

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