The Ghost and the Darkness
Jerry Goldsmith

  • Original Score Composed by: Jerry Goldsmith
  • Label: Hollywood Records
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Though very African in its tone and style, this soundtrack still has a lot to offer. As one of Goldsmith's better scores, the music and evocative and powerful. The African chants that lie behind each track give the score a sense of grandeur and power.

This is an action-orientated score best used to accompany specific events in an adventure, rather than to create a mood and feeling. More suited for fantasy adventures, it is a well-written score. The songs towards the end may or may not be useful, depending on your adventure.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Theme From "The Ghost And The Darkness" (2:11) - opening
  2. The Bridge (4:09) - arrival in a strange new place ~ stories by the fire
  3. Catch A Train (2:02) - revealing one's heart
  4. Lions Attack (5:18) - attack ~ aftermath
  5. First Time (2:00) - victory
  6. Starling's Death (5:57) - death and loss ~ a killing ~ and now we are one less
  7. Lions Reign (2:40) - for pride and honour
  8. Preparations (2:46) - something stalking in the night ~ preparations
  9. Remington's Death (2:31) - and they steeled their hearts, for they knew what was to come
  10. Prepare for Battle (2:00) - self explanatory really
  11. Final Attack (2:53) - fight
  12. Welcome to Tsavo (4:59) - an ending or is it . . .
  13. Hamara Haath ("Our Hands Unite") (3:05) - nice, but probably not suitable
  14. Dueling Chants, Part I : "Jungal Bahar" (3:20) - as above
  15. Safari Ya Bamba ("Journey To Bamba") (2:32) - as above
  16. Terere Obande (2:42) - as above
  17. Iye Oyeha (2:13) - as above

Total Running Time: 53:27

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