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It seems that all of Horner truly great work was either done in the late 1980s or the mid-1990s -- Willow (1988), The Name of the Rose (1986), Legends of the Fall (1995) and Braveheart (1995). This is by no means complete, for one very notable exception has been left out -- Glory. Perhaps one of Horner's finest scores; it shows the composer at his best. Unlike Horner's other efforts, Glory is a truly stirring score to a truly stirring movie.

Glory utilises the Boys Choir of Harlem to their fullest. Almost every track has the haunting voices of the choice in the background, lifting up the music to almost religious heights. Beneath it lies the beat of the military: drums and pipes. It is a truly sublime score that works even better in the movie. As a roleplaying score it works best when you need someone to make a soul-stirring speech or to launch the characters into a desperate fight for freedom. This is climatic music necessary for those special moments in adventures when the characters' lives hang on a thread. It is uplifting and joyous; yet it is tinged by sadness.

Horner has come up with a superb score that should be included in the collection of every Games Master. It is both epic and humble.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. A Call to Arms (3:08) - pride
  2. After Antietam (2:40) - sad
  3. Lonely Christmas (1:55) - contemplation
  4. Forming the Regiment (5:26) - undercurrent ~ march
  5. The Whipping (2:09) - tension
  6. Burning the Town of Darien (2:31) - tragedy
  7. Brave Words, Braver Deeds (3:10) - sad/quiet
  8. The Year of Jubilee (2:25) - march (pipes)
  9. Preparations for Battle (7:35) - pride
  10. Charging Fort Wagner (2:52) - attack
  11. An Epitaph to War (2:34) - sad
  12. Closing Credits (6:51) - ending

Total Running Time: 43:21

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