Great Expectations
Patrick Doyle

  • Original Score Composed by: Patrick Doyle
  • Label: Atlantic
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I bought this one on a recommendation from a friend, who stated the music was: "Strange, weird . . . you'll love it!". And so it was that I had (do not excuse the pun, it is intended) great expectations for this score. I was glad to see that Patrick Doyle had been given a chance to score something other than a Shakespearian movie, and would allow him to spread his wings.

He didn't and I was disappointed. To be fair, the score is pretty good, but there isn't good enough that I would suggest that it is suitable for roleplaying. There are a few nice pieces -- the first track and the main theme are my favourite -- but overall it is pretty understated.

The music is quite varied, but note quite as weird as I was led to believe. Tori Amos' breathy introduction is about as strange as it gets (maybe because I have heard some pretty weird music in my time).

Overall, I would give this one a miss for roleplaying.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Finn (2:54) - magic
  2. Crossing the Gulf (1:48) - chase
  3. Paradiso Perduto (2:09) - sad
  4. Estella's Theme (3:28) - happy/sad
  5. Ain't Love Grand (0:55) - brewing
  6. A Walk In The Park (1:21) - relaxed
  7. I Saw No Shadow Of Another Parting (The Aria) (2:38)
  8. Kissing In The Rain (3:06) - love
  9. Joe Leaves (1:38) - quiet
  10. The Day All My Dreams Came True (1:30) - revelation
  11. Pyramid Of Pain (2:27) - quiet
  12. Planes On A Plane (0:46) - discovery
  13. A Toast (1:24) - quiet
  14. Benefactor (1:33) - revelation
  15. Lustig Dies (3:35) - danger
  16. Paradiso Perduto Revisited (0:44) - magic
  17. It Was Just My Memory Of It (2:22) - sad
  18. The Price Of Success (2:03) - hope
  19. Underfloor (2:42) - in the wind
  20. Bˇsame Mucho (4:55)
  21. By The Inch Or By The Hour (2:42)
  22. The Big Trip (3:30)

Total Running Time: 50:19

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