The Hunt for Red October
Basil Poledouris

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The Hunt for Red October

Basil Poledouris


Not a lot of music on this CD which would put off most people, but I bought it for $22 (Australian) so I wasn't too concerned. The music is of very high quality, and I especially like Poledouris' use of the male choir. The tracks are fairly short, so I would suggest using them for backdrops of descriptions rather than incidental music. This is an action orientated soundtrack, obviously because of the subject of the film. Thus it could work in any action orientated adventure, but I would suggest that it would be more suitable in science fiction campaigns.

Good music, but I would pass on this one unles you can get it cheap.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Hymn to Red October (Main Title) (5:06) - hymn (opening)
  2. Nuclear Scam (7:18) - discovery ~ flight
  3. Putin's Demise (0:54) - death
  4. Course Two-Five-Zero (0:22) - revelation
  5. Ancestral Aid (2:16) - danger
  6. Chopper (2:53) - attack
  7. Two Wives (2:42) - sadness
  8. Red Route I (3:30) - magical
  9. Plane Crash (1:50) - tension into danger
  10. Kaboom!!! (3:17) - fight

Total Running Time: 30:11

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