Independence Day
David Arnold


Another excellent soundtrack by David Arnold! Once again, as in Stargate, David Arnold has managed to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere throughout the soundtrack. He has perfectly captured the essence of the film through a huge orchestra and chorus. A must for soundtrack lovers. It provides really appropriate music for dark and gloomy settings, as well as epic battles.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. 1969 - We Came in Peace (2:04) - the main theme
  2. SETI - Radio Signal (1:52) - mysterious
  3. The Darkest Day (4:13) - really dark music
  4. Cancelled Leave (1:45) - a sad piece
  5. Evacuation (5:47) - very dynamic; the ending is really good
  6. Firestorm (1:23) - a short frantic escape from a firestorm
  7. Aftermath (3:35) - a sad piece, but with hope at the end
  8. Base Attack (6:11) - good battle music
  9. El-Toro Destroyed (1:30) - a short, sad piece
  10. International Code (1:32) - very good track
  11. The President's Speech (3:10) - very inspiring; one of the best tracks
  12. The Day We Fight Back (4:58) - a desperate battle that ends with victory
  13. Jolly Roger (3:15) - another frantic escape
  14. End Credits (9:08) - a recapitulation of the 13 other tracks

Total Running Time: 50:23

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