Interview with the Vampire
Elliot Goldenthal

  • Original Score Composed by: Elliot Goldenthal
  • Label: Geffen
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A spine chilling soundtrack with both haunting, heart-breaking melodies and dark, brooding rumblings. This soundtrack should only be used for truly dark and spooky adventures or campaigns, and is perfect for terrifying the characters.

It would probably be easiest to use in a fantasy setting, as there are more gouls and such like around, but it would work well in a ghost ship style science fiction adventure. I used the music well in "Blood Wood", a dark setting and the music put the players very much "on edge". The music works well when it is timed to a description, as the music fluctuates quite a lot.

An excellent score well worth having . . .

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Libera Me (2:46) - evil beyond redemption
  2. Born to Darkness - Part I (3:04) - longing for . . . death
  3. Lestat's Tarantella (0:46) - agitated
  4. Madeleine's Lament (3:04) - when will it all end?
  5. Claudia's Allegro Agitato (4:45) - fear ~ sadness ~ breathing
  6. Escape to Paris (3:10) - a challenge to be met
  7. Marche Funebre (1:50) - a warning
  8. Lestat's Recitative (3:37) - a very baroque piece
  9. Santiago's Waltz (0:37) - a waltz is a waltz is a waltz
  10. Theatre des Vampires (1:18) - doom is upon us
  11. Armand's Seduction (1:39) - it rots you from the inside out
  12. Plantation Pyre (1:59) - danger
  13. Forgotten Lore (0:30) - of times gone by and things lost
  14. Scent of Death (1:39) - a dark brooding
  15. Abduction & Absolution (4:42) - fight
  16. Armand Rescues Louis (2:07) - mixed feelings of love, hate and anger
  17. Louis' Revenge (2:35) - burning with hatred
  18. Born to Darkness - Part II (1:11) - as track two, but shorter
  19. Sympathy for the Devil (7:36) - you have to be kidding, don't you?

Total Running Time: 49:04

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