Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time
Jamey Scott

  • Original Score Composed by: Jamey Scott
  • Label: Presto Studios/Red Orb
  • Release Date: 1998
  • Online Ordering Options: (N/A)


These days the trend seems to be for games to have -- at the very least -- a cinematic style opening. Following this trend is for the music to become grander in scope and better in quality. Gone are the days of tinny music coming out of tinny speakers. A decent pair of stereo speakers are required to do justice to the quality of music from present day games. Myst and Riven are two games in that vein. The Legacy of Time is no exception to this trend.

So what does this all mean for you the Games Master? Another source of good quality music, and generally very cheap. Most game soundtracks I have bought are priced at $9.95 (US). But how good is this music and is it very suitable for roleplaying? In the cast of Myst and Riven I gave both of nod of approval. That nod is extended to The Legacy of Time.

I originally wanted to buy the soundtrack to Buried in Time, but was told it was unavailable due to lack of interest. This is quite a shame as Buried in Time had quite a bit of atmospheric music indeed. The Legacy of Time, as mentioned by Jamey Scott in the linear notes, has more of a cinematic feel to it than its sequel -- almost to the point of becoming a Star Wars-like cliche. There are a number of cut scenes in the game, which lend well to being used as background music for events of descriptions. The content (melodies) does not vary too much and they are fairly unobtrusive.

In fact all of them bar tracks twelve, fourteen and sixteen fall into this category. These tracks are made up of the incidental music found in each of the three main settings in The Legacy of Time -- Atlantis, El Dorado and Shangri-La. All of the short pieces made for the different parts of the setting were designed to be short so they could be looped. As they were being looped, they couldn't be melodic or they would be irritating. So you have three tracks of very suitable general background music if you take into account that each have sound effects typical for the setting -- water for Atlantis, and wind for both Shangri-La and El Dorado. Be careful when using these tracks.

Overall you have a CD of good music at a very reasonable price. The score isn't as grandiose as The Last of the Mohicans or Willow, but not every event that happens to the characters is either. Well recommended.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Presto Fanfare (0:17)
  2. Prelude to Discovery (1:50) - exploration ~ danger
  3. Invasion (1:41) - quiet ~ tension ~ opening title
  4. Responsibility Revoked (1:49) - undercurrent ~ danger
  5. The Death of Sinclair (1:17) - revelation (religious/undercurrent)
  6. Temporal Rip/The Chameleon Suit (2:56) - quiet (honour/pride) ~ fight ~ resolution
  7. Atlantis Destroyed (1:41) - water (quiet) ~ tension
  8. El Dorado Destroyed (2:07) - wind (undercurrent) ~ wind (tension ~ chase)
  9. Shangri-La Destroyed (2:28) - wind (thunder/quiet) ~ undercurrents
  10. A Reunion of Rivals (3:04) - tension ~ quiet (sad) ~ confrontation
  11. TSA Reborn (3:56) - preparation for battle ~ tension ~ chase ~ pride
  12. Atlantis (4:50) - challenge ~ water ~ exploration ~ tip toe ~ arrival ~ march
  13. The First Artifact (2:40) - fanfare ~ tension
  14. Shangri-La (6:00) - wind (creak) ~ religious (chant) ~ temple music ~ different temple music ~ more temple music ~ tension ~ beat (spiritual)
  15. Advancing Danger (1:42) - quiet ~ hope
  16. El Dorado (5:37) - birds (grandeur) ~ march ~ pride
  17. The Final Artifact (1:20) - undercurrent
  18. Revelation (3:10) - something is going to happen
  19. Remembrance (4:02) - sad
  20. Gage's Theme (1:53) - pride
  21. Arthur's Theme (1:07)

Total Running Time: 55:35

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Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time © 1988 Broderbund Software, Inc and Presto Studio, Inc.