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James Horner has become a household name because of his award-winning score to Titanic. He has scored a huge body of work including Willow, The Name of the Rose, Legends of the Fall and Braveheart. One of his most sought after scores is the score to Krull. It wasn't until the Super Tracks Music Group released the complete score this year that I was able to get a copy, and I must say it is an excellent score. It isn't Horner's best, but it sounds like a composer coming of age. You can hear tunes within the score which will one day be thrust into greatness (such as the "Willow" theme in the first track.)

This is a fantasy score, which is best suited to epic adventures and campaigns. Because of the mostly short track length, you can easily use them with descriptions and events. The longer tracks can be used as background music. The release is expensive, but well worth it if you haven't already got the score.

Track Listing and Notes

Disc One

  1. Main Title and Colwyn's Arrival (7:34) - opening ~ danger
  2. The Slayer's Attack (9:20) - love theme ~ chase ~ resolution
  3. Quest for the Glaive (7:23) - quest ~ tension
  4. Ride to the Waterfall (0:54) - discovery
  5. Lyssa in the Fortress (1:29) - danger ~ journey
  6. The Walk to The Seer's Cave (4:10) - journey ~ mystery
  7. The Seer's Vision (2:19) - eerie ~ brooding
  8. Battle in the Swamp (2:40) - hunt
  9. Quicksand (3:39) - undercurrents ~ tension
  10. The Changeling (4:04) - danger ~ creeping
  11. Colwynn and Lyssa (2:35) - love theme

Total Running Time: 46:12

Disc Two

  1. Leaving the Swamp (2:01) - journey
  2. The Widow's Web (6:19) - eerie ~ danger
  3. The Widow's Lullaby (5:02) - a gift ~ tension ~ fight
  4. Vella (3:47) - hope ~ the price
  5. Ynyr's Death (1:42) - death
  6. Riding the Firemares (5:23) - ride
  7. Battle on the Parapets (2:53) heroes ~ loss
  8. Inside the Black Fortress (6:16) - fear ~ fight for justice ~ tension ~ fight
  9. The Death of the Beast and the Destruction of the Dark Fortress (8:32) - danger ~ fight
  10. Epilogue and End Title (4:50) - victory ~ ending

Total Running Time: 46:48

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