The Last of the Mohicans
Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman


This is one of my favourite soundtracks, and was the first one I ever bought. Edelman, however, does not have any fond memories of this score because of the way he has treated in writing it before Jones was added to the team. Jones music works a lot better. This is a lighthearted soundtrack, and is for the more adventurous and less realistically grounded adventures. From the grand and sweeping title sequence, to the jig-like romantic music, and finally to the heroic and heart pounding finale, this is a truly brilliant soundtrack to be used for those high fantasy adventures.

The first nine tracks (composed by Trevor Jones) are a lot stronger than the next six (composed by Randy Edelman). Each of the first six have distinctive themes, though the sixth track is a darker, more brooding version of the third track.

The last track is an extremely nice vocal piece by Irish band Clannad, and was what got me started in collecting their albums. For those who want to hear the full version, which was featured on the film, it can be found on Clannad's album entitled Banba.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title (1:45) - opening title - weakish
  2. Elk Hunt (1:49) - hunt or race for something
  3. The Kiss (2:47) - stirring jig, good for towns and cities
  4. The Glade, Part II (2:35) - sadness (spiritually strange?)
  5. Fort Battle (4:21) - a stirring battle for love and honour
  6. Promentory (6:13) - the heart of darkness which sweeps across the lands for honour and glory; an unstoppable force, bent on righting wrongs and meting out justice to the rich and power hungry; turns to sadness with the loss of loved ones
  7. Munro's Office/Stockade (2:30) - danger ~ longing
  8. Massacre/Canoes (6:53) - battle/chase
  9. Top Of The World (2:45) - grandeur
  10. The Courier (2:28) - chase
  11. Cora (2:33) - sad
  12. River Walk and Discovery (5:32) - mystery
  13. Parlay (3:49) - danger
  14. The British Arrival (2:02) - mystery
  15. Pieces Of A Story (4:59) - end title
  16. I Will Find You (Performed by Clannad) (1:52) - end song

Total Running Time: 54:26

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