Les Misérables
Basil Poledouris


Basil Poledouris is better known for his big action scores such as Conan the Barbarian and The Hunt for Red October. This time he has produced something a bit more thematic, a lush score which deserves a careful listen. The biggest problem with the release, from a roleplaying point of view, are there only four tracks (each quite long). This makes it difficult you to time the tracks to descriptions or events, but would work as a backdrop for most fantasy adventures. Again, the tracks flow from mood to mood, just making it more difficult. If the tracks had been divided up as listed (instead of suites) then I could highly recommend the score, as it is . . .

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Suite Valjean's Journey (6:09) - opening ~ quiet ~ tension
    • Theme from Les Misérables
      The Bishop
      The Quarry
  2. Suite Vigau (19:02) - undercurrent ~ danger ~ undercurrent ~ danger ~ quiet ~ grandeur ~ undercurrent ~ sad ~ danger ~ pride ~ tenion ~ sad ~ decision ~ undercurrent ~ resolution
    • Javert Suspects
      Caring for Fantine
      Valjean's Confession
      The Death of Fantine
      Flight from Vigau
  3. Suite Paris (12:48) - happy ~ dance ~ bitter sweet ~ sad ~ bitter ~ chase ~ quiet
    • Valjean and Cosette
      The Wall
      Marius and Cosette
      Valjean Remembers
  4. Suite The Barricades (11:15) - fight ~ challenge ~ sad ~ tension ~ sad ~ tension ~ danger ~ end
    • Funeral Attack
      Valjean Saves Marius
      Javert's Suicide

Total Running Time: 49:15

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Les Misérables © 1988 Hollywood Records.