The Lost World: Jurassic Park
John Williams

  • Original Score Composed by: John Williams
  • Label: MCA Records
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The Lost World was considering inferior to Jurassic Park both as a movie and a soundtrack. I tend to disagree on both points. The sad tribute Spielberg made to an excellent book was admitted and the real Jurassic Park came out of the closet. The score is a lot darker and brooding, and as Elfman would say: "I love it!".

Sequel to Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park : The Lost World is a much darker, much better score than the first. It has lots of bass and lots of nice themes, most of which normal movie goers won't recognise.

The first, third and fourth tracks are the best, but the entire score has enough depth to find uses in a variety of places. Due to the long length of the tracks, this score is more suited for background music rather than for particular events and descriptions (though there are exceptions as always).

Excellent score, pity about the packaging.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. The Lost World (3:33) - opening
  2. The Island Prologue (5:03) - exploring ~ attack
  3. Malcom's Journey (5:43) - journey
  4. The Hunt (3:30) - fight
  5. The Trek (5:23) - exploration
  6. Finding Camp Jurassic (3:03) - scary
  7. Rescuing Sarah (4:00) - rescue
  8. Hammond's Plan (4:31) - brooding
  9. The Raptors Appear (3:42) - danger
  10. The Compys Dine (5:07) - we're not alone
  11. The Stegosaurus (5:20) - strange ~ attack
  12. Ludlow's Demise (4:26) - chase
  13. Visitor In San Diego (7:37) - challenge ~ attack
  14. Finale and Jurassic Park Theme (7:53) - sad ending

Total Running Time: 68:57

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