The Mask of Zorro
James Horner


Fresh from his success with Titanic, Horner launched into two score for 1998: Deep Impact and The Mask of Zorro. Though the movie for The Mask of Zorro won't be released until Boxing Day in Australia, I bought the score because I liked the Spanish music. For that is exactly what this score is -- a Spanish version of Willow.

Not as inventive as some of his other scores (Willow and Glory spring to mind) this is quite a serviceable score for roleplaying music. This comes with one caveat: there is a heavy Spanish influence that the characters are going to pick up. So if the characters aren't in a suitable setting this score is out of the question. Thus I think you can forget about its use as a Science Fiction score.

If, however, the characters are playing in an area that is Spanish or you want it to have that feel, jump in. The tracks are mostly short so they can be used for descriptions and events. However, there are a number of longer sequences better suited for fights and chases.

A good score from Horner, if you need something with a Spanish touch.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. The Plaza of Execution (8:29) - danger ~ escape
  2. Elena and Esperanza (8:20) - quiet ~ pride
  3. The Ride (3:25) - chase
  4. Elena's Truth (4:11) - quiet
  5. The Fencing Lesson (5:29) - challenge
  6. Tornado in the Barracks (5:12) - fight
  7. The Confession (3:42) - sad
  8. Zorro's Theme (3:00) - pride
  9. The Mine (Montero's Vision) (3:00) - discovery
  10. Stealing the Map (6:30) - journey
  11. "Leave No Witnesses..." (13:20) - danger ~ fight
  12. Diego's Goodbye (5:23) - quiet
  13. "I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You" - Marc Anthony and Tina Arena (4:42)

Total Running Time: 74:48

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