Medicine Man
Jerry Goldsmith


Jerry Goldsmith's finest work. Period. Its eclectic mix of a myriad of instruments combines into one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard. From the haunting melodies of the canopy to the heart-pounding sadness of the forest destruction. A fantastic soundtrack that should be added to any Games Master's collection.

This score works well for fantasy adventures, especially those involving forests or jungles. There is quite a wide range of track times so some will be suitable as background music, while others can be used for events and descriptions.

Highly recommended.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Rae's Arrival (5:09) - funky jungle music ~ danger ~ funky jungle music
  2. First Morning (3:48) - mystery
  3. Campbell and the Children (1:59) - sad tree music
  4. The Trees (6:04) - tree music ~ warning ~ tree music
  5. The Harvest (3:14) - funky jungle
  6. Mocara (3:39) - discover ~ sadness
  7. Mountain High (2:44) - hunting
  8. Without a Net (4:20) - edge of tension ~ tree music
  9. Finger Painting (2:33) - dreams of danger ~ mystery
  10. What's Wrong (1:54) - sad ~ funky jungle music
  11. The Injection (2:12) - giving up something special
  12. The Sugar (2:10) - a race of discovery
  13. The Fire (2:13) - danger
  14. A Meal and a Bath (8:03) - did we win or did we lose?

Total Running Time: 50:09

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