Trevor Jones

  • Original Score Composed by: Trevor Jones
  • Label: Varèse Sarabande
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The first time I put the CD to Merlin in my player I thought I had accidentally put in the CD for Deep Space Nine instead. The first three seconds sound very much like "Passage Terminated". My worries were soon put to rest as the grand opening cords burst forth and any resemblances to Deep Space Nine were terminated.

Trevor Jones seems to be doing remarkably well in the television department. After an excellent score to Hallmark's other marvellous mini-series -- Gulliver's Travels -- he follows it up with Merlin. I would have liked to have seen what he could have done with Hallmark's other mini-series -- The Odyssey. It had a bit of a lacklustre score, though I am still waiting for my copy on laserdisc to arrive so I can't remember the score very well.

Varèse Sarabande also comes up with the goods with an hour of the music from the mini-series. The score would be excellent for fantasy adventures, with sweeping melodies and great action music. The only problem is that some of the tracks are quite long, obviously a number of different tunes joined together. This makes it hard to add them to particular events or descriptions. Instead I would suggest using the music as a backdrop to grandly epic adventures.

Though not as good as Gulliver's Travels, Jones certainly comes up with a high enjoyable score. Highly recommended for fantasy adventures.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Age of Magic (14:34) - grand/sweeping ~ soft/sad ~ tension ~ soft/sad ~ discovery
  2. The Dragon's Lair (5:05) - fight
  3. The Walls are Whispering (14:16) - reflective ~ tension ~ victory ~ danger ~ dance
  4. Arthur's Call (8:45) - brooding (something in the air) ~ soft ~ grandeur
  5. Griffins (3:18) - hunt ~ discovery
  6. A Game of Intrigue (7:48) ride into adventure ~ eerie ~ sad
  7. May Angels Fly Thee Home (8:15) - sad
  8. Mab's Demise (4:35) - fight
  9. Reunited (2:55) ~ contemplative ~ magic
  10. In Search of the Grail (4:03) - grandeur

Total Running Time: 73:39

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