Babylon 5: Messages from Earth
Christopher Franke


Babylon 5, two times Hugo award winner and the best science fiction show ever produced, owes its success not only to strong plots, excellent characterisation by the actors and meticulous planning but also to the fabulous score by Christopher Franke, formerly of Tangerine Dream. Utilising both synthesiser and orchestra, he comes up with a score that can be easily used in science fiction settings.

The main difficulty of using this music in an adventure, as I have mentioned in the previous Babylon 5 compilation review, is each track contains a number of individual pieces or moods stitched together to form almost a story, not all of it from the episode mentioned. It would be difficult to find a track that would flow exactly to your dialogue or scene (though it isn't impossible).

Its main strength lies in its suitability to be used as background music. Perfect for when characters are stomping around space stations or futuristic cities. This is the kind of music that can easily be played in the background of just about any science fiction adventure.

Of course it would have to be played softly, as this album contains music from some of the more exciting Babylon 5 episodes -- such as my all time favourite cliff hanger which appears at the very beginning of track two. Thus it would be better to use the music in action orientated scenes. Whereas the first album took material from the first two seasons where things weren't quite as hectic, this album takes material from the faster paced third and fourth seasons.

Of more use would be Babylon 5: The Cult, a series of soundtracks taken directly from the episodes.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title - 1st Season [Extended] (3:19) - main title
  2. Messages from Earth (10:07) - danger ~ attack into climax ~ battle ~ aftermath ~ grandeur
  3. Main Title - 2nd Season (1:32) - main title
  4. Z'ha'dum (12:21) - battle ~ mystery ~ attack ~ honour
  5. Main Title - 3rd Season (1:33) - main title
  6. Severed Dreams (15:38) - exotic ~ fight ~ chase ~ realisation ~ attack ~ hope
  7. Main Title - 4th Season (1:31) - main title
  8. Voices of Authority (11:32) - grandeur ~ tension ~ grandeur ~ mystery

Total Running Time: 57:36

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