Bruno Coulais

  • Original Score Composed by: Bruno Coulais
  • Label: Travelling
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I haven't seen the film, I missed it when they showed it at Luna in the Park, but intend to get a copy of laserdisc (which still hasn't arrived). I have heard only good things about the film. The music I heard on ABC Classic FM, and was intrigued. I wasn't disappointed. This is unusual music, and is here for those who want something different in their campaigns. Sometimes discordant, sometimes magical -- it defies categorisation. There are insect noises in the background of some tracks, and I feel that the music would work best in outdoor environments. The score itself is short, and the track lengths suggest it would work best with descriptions and events. Highly recommended.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Microcosmos (2:14) - eerie
  2. The bee and the flowers (3:14) - discordant ~ magic
  3. The ladybird (0:41) - flight
  4. Snail-love (2:14) - hope
  5. The warm hour (4:51) - discordant ~ chase ~ danger
  6. The sacred beetle and the pheasant (3:43) - march ~ discovery
  7. Skidding (1:58) - magic ~ danger
  8. Under a veil of water (2:49) - strange ~ magic
  9. Thunderstorm (2:58) - storm
  10. Carnivorous plant (1:47) - mystery
  11. The fight of the stag-beetles (3:13) - fight
  12. Night (2:43) - magic
  13. The metamorphosis (2:58) - strange
  14. Dream's end (4:19) - discordant ~ magical

Total Running Time: 39:47

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